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A term to describe someone with a lot of pimples (zits).
I got my fast food from the pimply-faced teenager.

His back was all dirty and pimply.

A synonym for "pimply" is "zitty".
by Ten February 18, 2005
A group of school-age children afflicted with pimples. A pimple-faced child.
There were a group of pimplies hanging outside the store today.
by Dantethelyricst February 20, 2014
an adjective used to describe something that is really great. basically can replace pimp any time it is used to descibe something, but very useful when describing something done in the past that was pimp
the hotel we stayed in last weekend was pimply.
by butter2 September 01, 2006
pretty pimp, fosho
"Now your party makeup is pimply."
by Christopher Love March 25, 2008

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