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63 definitions by Tara

This is the hottest fucking man alive.He's a wrestler for smackdown and he has a dumb ass nephew named Chavo who is full of himself.
Viva La Raza! I lie!I cheat!I steal!
by Tara February 24, 2005
The smelly, wet shit you do after a big night boozing up.. especially after rum.
'man, i wouldnt go there, he just did a massive grog bog'
by tara February 22, 2004
.listens to grunge music. (music with heavy guitar rifts)
.clothing: flannels, jeans, converses, etc. etc...thrift store clothes
.doesnt give a shit what people think of them
.probably smokes pot
.loves seattle wa.
.like nirvana, alice in chains, pearl jam, screaming trees, paw, L-7, hole, smashing pumpkins, stone temple pilots...and more.
scene kid #1: ew what the fuck is that?
scene kid #2: i think its a grunger
by Tara April 12, 2005
Element of punctuation used by morons in place of the period, the full stop, that little dot near the L key. Note: one exclamation point is usually one too many. If you do plan to use more, please take care that you retain muscle control over the finger holding down the right-hand shift key. See also gay speak.
by tara August 11, 2003
To lick and suck the clit of a woman.
1. I pay for box jobs.
2. Kevin gives good box jobs.
by tara August 12, 2004
Common mis-spelling of troglodyte.
by tara August 11, 2003
The only neighborhood in America were you can hear lasgo blocks away blasting from the cars of fort hamilton high school kids along 3rd ave. A place where you can get drunk at mooneys and eat greasy burgers at the americana. Bayridge is the place to be on a friday night, pass by omonia you'll know wat im talkin about. And the best block in bayridge is 68th street, only the strong survive on that block.
Shady, predictable, Honest
by Tara February 02, 2005