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63 definitions by Tara

Friend of Jesus Christ
Yea, I'm a complete FOJC, love the guy
by Tara March 31, 2004
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Shocked beyond words.
I was zapped at his arrogance.
by Tara February 24, 2004
7 5
What is a B I T C H..........
B= beatiful
I= individual
T= that
C= causes
H= hardons
by Tara March 18, 2005
117 116
Promiscious BJQ that spends more time horizontal than vertical when she's "servicing clients" at hotels in Colorado Springs.
Tava Ho Foster is a Slanny!
by Tara March 28, 2005
6 6
A ghetto neighborhood.
We were chillin in the hizzy neighzy last night with all the crackheads
by Tara December 07, 2004
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the art of sitting on the toilet backwards after a big night out so your grog bog slides down the side so nobody can hear it
'i had to do a crocodile slide this morning'
by tara February 22, 2004
5 5
Usually pertaining to something having to do with a woosh of some sort. Like when a super hero flies or something they might have "Woosh" written behind them. Those little lines that say "Woosh" are the wooshness.
The vortex had a certain wooshness to it.


^ That is the wooshness of the marhsmellow ^_^
by Tara November 23, 2003
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