63 definitions by Tara

a man or woman who is considered a slut.
Tava is such a Slanny!
by Tara March 24, 2005
Shocked beyond words.
I was zapped at his arrogance.
by Tara February 24, 2004
the art of sitting on the toilet backwards after a big night out so your grog bog slides down the side so nobody can hear it
'i had to do a crocodile slide this morning'
by tara February 22, 2004
Promiscious BJQ that spends more time horizontal than vertical when she's "servicing clients" at hotels in Colorado Springs.
Tava Ho Foster is a Slanny!
by Tara March 28, 2005
A ghetto neighborhood.
We were chillin in the hizzy neighzy last night with all the crackheads
by Tara December 07, 2004
Usually pertaining to something having to do with a woosh of some sort. Like when a super hero flies or something they might have "Woosh" written behind them. Those little lines that say "Woosh" are the wooshness.
The vortex had a certain wooshness to it.


^ That is the wooshness of the marhsmellow ^_^
by Tara November 23, 2003
A man or woman that is considered a whore, manwhore or slut.
Tava is such an easy slanny. No wonder she's nicknamed BJQ!
by Tara March 28, 2005
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