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1).one who is expelled from the womb so ferociously that their giant ass head rips the taint of their mother in half

-Ring ring..Hey mom. Did i rip your taint when you gave birth to me?

-You most certainly did, but not as badly as your brother and sister. they were real taint rippers.
by Taintrippperrr March 30, 2009
when you do not clean out a round brush for months and a heinous mass of hair forms resembling a bushy squirrel tail. preferably dark hair.
-oh my god. look at that hair squirrel that has formed on your brush.

-gross. take care of that. KILL IT!
by Taintrippperrr March 30, 2009
a squeeble weeble. you know a scit scattin do dattin word for a squirty shit.
-what was that noise?

-Sorry, I got a bad case of the sqweedles.

-No problem. I know how that goes.
by Taintrippperrr March 30, 2009

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