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A wobbly (but unfallydowny) toy from back in the day. (Actually, it originated in the 70's, which is well before MY 'back in the day,' but I can pretend to be cool and know what I'm talking about.) (And anyway, Playskool still makes incarnarnations of the darn things.)

While I never had Hasbro's brand name Weebles, I did play with a DIY version my uncle made for me. It involved a purple plastic easter egg (you know, the kind you get three jelly beans in) with a penny taped inside the bottom half and a rather frightening face drawn on in Sharpie. Basically, like the actual Weeble, you could bat it around and it would always right itself. It wasn't that far off from the real thing, either.

Being a somewhat belligerent child, I took the slogan as a personal affront, and spent many hours (well, at least twenty minutes] trying to devise ways to MAKE THE DARN THING STAY TIPPED OVER. Gluing it to the table might have worked, but I was caught before the elmer's had set. Would that I were still so carefree!

Admittedly not a hugely challenging idea for a toy, but hey.
Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!

Distracted Father: *calling from the next room* Janie? Janie, did you take my superglue?
Slightly Creepy Child: *loudly and sweetly* No, Daddy!
Distracted Father: Huh. *goes to the basement to check his toolbox for the fourth time*
Slightly Creepy Child: *stashes tube of epoxy, glaring at newly-inverted Weeble the entire time* Take that, you demonic ovoid spawn of hell.
by Lady Chevalier June 10, 2005
Friend; homie, one you are aqquainted with
Sup weeble?
by Shane Lazarus December 29, 2002
A person who is too fucking drunk to stand up but yet unimaginably manages to stay on their feet unassisted. From "Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down".
Jack is in Weeble mode and he thinks he's going to drive home. Fo sheezy.
by Roland819 December 05, 2006
Close friends. People you frequantly hang out with or see
Im heading out to hang with my weebles tonight at the club
by BIGGDAD September 05, 2009
A males testicular region. Usually referred to as in painful circumstances....but not always.
1. Jeepers! Did you see CDUBB get blasted in the weebles with that football? He shoulda caught that one.
2. Dang ive had blue balls for like 4 days, my weebles prolly weigh 9 lbs a piece!
by Chase "Brownie" Brownfield October 18, 2006
Friend. Hommie. A survivor in the game.

Originating from a Nor*Cal Bay Area saying in reference to the big quake.

"We may weeble, we may woble, but we don't fall down."
Sup my weebles.
by sanmiguel November 10, 2003
Definition (A.)

(A.1) A person who is weak or feeble, not limited to physical attributes but mental as well.

(A.2) Some one who fumbles simple tasks.

(A.3) An individual of pinner qualities; broke, haters etc.

Definition (B.)

(B.1) A term of endearment amongst niggas.

See: Film "Three Strikes" feat. E-40
"No, Im not going to the Yacht Club, its full of weebles."

"Dude, 448 again? Im not messin with that weeble anymore."
by Fur Eelz January 10, 2011

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