23 definitions by T-MONEY

almost, but not equal to
'I will order the pizza about 12 o clock'

meaning the pizza will be ordered somewhere between 11:55 and 11:59
by T-Money February 27, 2008
when you take a shit and try to blow yourself
Zack stop being a fat shit dick licker!
by T-MONEY May 05, 2003
Someone who is in dahouse homes.
T-Money is in da hizza houze holla hommiez.
by T-money December 22, 2003
a thing you say when you see something wierd
what the beebo. thet lama is humping a tree
by T-MONEY May 01, 2003
to fuck a girl the night before dumping her.
Tonight is the night I'm gonna cump her.
by T-money April 28, 2004
some blue dude on doug who queefs a lot
aw skeeter stop queefing
by T-Money May 01, 2003
yelled at someone that is whining to imply to him that he is whiny
Go get yourself some french cries and a wamburger
by T-Money April 01, 2005

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