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thighs tha are the size of dinner hams that jiggle while you run
damn that girl has thunder thighs..yeah that ones so big i could live of it for a week
by T-MONEY May 01, 2003
Acronym for Fight United District Clones. However, it implies "F@#$ you, D.C.!"

Started in Baltimore, circa 1997 as a backlash against being viewed as Washington, D.C.'s inferior.
"Lets go to the Ottobar and Fight United District Clones! FUDC!"
*(Note: Ottobar is a bar in Baltimore)
by T-money August 15, 2004
An alias for a big crybaby. He uses this alias for any references to him on the internet, for fear is immaculate repuation would be ruined.
"Who is that gay dude over there telling people God doesnt exist?"
"oh, thats Kill Woutney"
by T-Money March 30, 2004
a game in which you lump into a pile of foam hunks
lets go foam hunk dive
by T-MONEY May 01, 2003
French for two tipsin. Is said unnecissarily at times during the day. Can bug people if said too often.
1:"Hey what did you do today?"
2:"Not much"
1:"Oh ya. Deux tipson, deux tipson"
by T-Money March 31, 2005
Short shorts that were popular a long time ago. John Stockton, former point guard of the Utah Jazz, is the only person who refused to stop wearing them. While we make think they look ridiculous, he does have the tannest upper thigh of any nba player in history. At one point in the latw 80s, he was the sexiest man alive. Women wanted him, men wanted to be him. But now, despite his multiple nba all time records, his name has become a synonym for short shorts and homosexuals who wear them. This led John to kill himself. Or at least it should
"Yo, look at that nillas stocktons, make fun of his punk ass"
"I can dog, hes my boss"

"Nice stocktons, but I can see your balls"

"John Stockton called, he wants his shorts back"
by T-Money March 31, 2004
Comes from the word "vanilla", which is the same cracker ass shade as white people. Its the opposite on being "nigger rich". See example
"Yo, T Money has a mansion, I bet hes got a 50 inch plasma"
"Nah playa, he's got the 12 inch Samsung tho"
"Damn, he IS nilla rich"
by T-Money March 30, 2004
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