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The origination of the metalic sound in your pocket on payday.The metalic substance that you find in your pocket at the club after the 20s are gone and
you need a drink. chingling, changlang,change
"Do you have any chingling?"
"Whats up whith the chingling, its friday?"
"there ait no chingling up in here!!"
by T-Bone August 24, 2004
When you have been on a drunken bender for weeks and your girlfriend rims you and you blow a huge mucusey wet fart on her is my definition of butt gravy.
"sop up my butt gravy with some of that rustic french bread you got at the store honey"
by t-bone February 04, 2004
When something is so ridiculous, that it merrits the addition of a cock, mid word!
He banged her mom? That's ricockulous!
by T-bone April 22, 2004
shocking. Causing pain as well as consternation.
by T-Bone October 28, 2003
An albino. someone of pale complexion.
by T-Bone October 28, 2003
an expression of approval or an external compliment of something/someone. Used predominantly by females or homosexuals to express fondness. This phrase should never be said by a girl who is trying to impress a straight guy.
Justin Timberlake totally rocks my world, he is so hot. - My (ex)girlfriend.
by T-bone February 28, 2005
that dealie on the door at an old lady's house.
I grabbed that old lady's knockers hard and slammed them against the door.
by T-Bone May 12, 2004

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