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A cool but deeply twisted middle class suburb of Atlanta, Georgia that home to some of America's finest
Dunwoody is like a toilet bowl that constantly flushes, you have to be the turd that floats
by t-bone November 24, 2003
Twisted upper middle class suburb just outside of the Atlanta perimeter.

Synonymous with: Drugs, money, sordid affairs, winningest football, white people, hypocrisy, gardeners, M to M busing, private schools
Julian: Man, after school let's grab a six pack and smoke some shit behind the church.

Clay: Sounds good, chico man. Dunwoody...fuck.
by claire easton September 29, 2006
Verb: To dunwoody. The act of one man providing hand relief for another man.
Mustafa: "Man I heard that Jonas dunwoodied Billy last night!"

Gandalph: "No way dude! Dunwoody! Gross!"
by F I G W I T October 26, 2008

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