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Adorable little rodents that run around your house and poop everywhere.
"My hamster could kick your hamsters glutious-maximus!"
by Sydney January 14, 2005
One who chooses to run around in the nude. Some find it disturbing. Some find it hilarious.
Person 1: I think streakers are hella-funny!
Person 2: I think you are a pervert.
by Sydney January 14, 2005
When one desides to pay someone to draw all over their body. Tattoos are feelings that last for about two minutes, then you regret getting it.

Remember: When your old, the "sexy whore" you tattooed on your back will look like a saggy monkey.
My friends tattooed my arms with Crayola marker in art class. My dad was hella-mad.
by Sydney January 14, 2005
Something extremely corny
That movie had a cheese factor of 10!
by Sydney May 09, 2004
another form of loser.
your a lozer, man
by Sydney February 18, 2004
An insult I heard from a girl I knew once, and its been funny as hell ever since. I guess it's just as it sounds, a dried, crusty bubble of semen.
Shut up you crusty cum bubble!
by Sydney June 03, 2004
a word used to described being really excited for something.
to get excited.
I am soo RILED to go out tonight!
Rile it up a notch!
by Sydney May 06, 2004

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