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The band who pioneered the genre known as nu-metal. Like other musical pioneeres, such as Sex Pistols or Nirvana, they started out as a small garage band until their original, unique sound was discovered. Hated by poptarts and thrashers alike (Too heavy for poptarts, too prog for thrashers), they have nonetheless become quite popular. Most nu-metal bands are trying to emulate their sound, for example, Slipknot, and some were even originally signed by Korn, for example, Limp Bizkit.

Korn have a unique guitar sound caused by almost alarmingly loose strings. They fuse elements of grunge, punk, heavy metal, speed metal, folk music and hip-hop into their numbers. The band had 5 founding members:
Jonathan Davis - The frontman, singer and bagpiper. An American Scot whose heritage has led to use of bagpipes in the music and wearing of a kilt.
Fieldy - An unfortunately poor bass player.
Munky - A quite impressive lead guitarist.
Head - The rhythm guitarist. He has now, to the dismay of fans, left the band to use his music to propagate Christianity. (If you ask me, Christianity is doing just fine, but to each his own.)
David Silveria - The drummer, and a very talented one at that. When he auditioned to Head, Munky and Fieldy, he was mocked because he was so young; his skill impressed them to the extent that he was immediately accepted.

Korn have sold out more than once, and the result has been some godawful albums. They have, in the past, realised the error in their ways and returned to their roots.
Korn fan: It's a pity Head left Korn, isn't it?
Thrasher/Poptart: No. They suck.


I am avoiding the argument about Korn's musical quality.
by Switch March 13, 2005
1. v. To rebel, revolt; To actively or passively fight society or the government.

2. v. One of the best and biggest bands of the 90s; in this respect, comparable to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They are the other (see Korn) band that led to the nu-metal explosion of the late 90s. The band is known for its extremist militant left-wing liberal lyrics; in fact, RATM was formed to promote the message of a badly-needed rebellion. They are commonly hated by conservatives and feared by soccer moms. They have been accused of using their popularity to promote a liberal agenda among fans; to those people I merely say: THAT'S THE POINT OF THE BAND, YOU FUCKWIT.

The band was composed of driving force, frontman and rapper Zack de la Rocha, fantastic bass player Timmy C, guitarist extraordinaire Tom Morello and the incomparable drummer Brad Wilk. Timmy, Tom and Brad have since joined with the former lead singer of Soundgarden and become Audioslave.

Rage Against the Machine have a completely unique sound. Rapped lyrics accompany guitars with riffs and solos typical of metal, the bass has a heavy influence on the music, resembling funk, and the drums are reminiscent of hardcore punk, but best described as psycho. They also have a very raw sound when compared to most nu-metal. The first album, slef-titled, bears the disclaimer NO SAMPLES, KEYBOARDS OR SYNTHESIZERS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS RECORDING.

Rage Against the Machine sold out, a severely disappointing fact. Since then, the band has divided, leading to Audioslave and the solo career of Zack de la Rocha. Zack, unlike Audioslave, keeps the intensity and spirit of rebellion in his music.
1. Don't listen to the lies the government tells you, man. Rage against the machine.

2. Don't listen to the lies the government tells you, man. Listen to Rage Against the Machine.
by Switch March 13, 2005
The dollar is the currency used most famously by the filthy Americans, but is used by other nations. If your ever given an American dollar go into a public place and burn it where everyone can see.
"Dude I bet you $15!"
"$15? Go back to America idiot"
by Switch November 02, 2004
English slang, ugly.
Person 1: What do you think of her?
Person 2: She's rough as fuck!
by Switch March 01, 2005
to act in a lesbian-like manor even if the person in question is not in fact a lesbian, or even female
i thought it was very lesbianis the way sara straddled me and said "who's your daddy?" while hitting me with a riding crop
by switch May 06, 2003
When the effects of alcohol far exceed that of the standard beer goggles. Usually the 10 to 15 minutes before you pass out when you'll shamelessly hit on anything.
Get away from me you ugly hag... I'm wearing beer goggles, not a beer blindfold.
by Switch January 22, 2005
Roofing, or, 'to roof' is to throw an object onto the roof of a building, usually to get rid of it but at the same time put it somewhere everyone can see it, people also throw other people's stuff onto a roof to get at them, you can also throw a ball onto a sloped roof and try to catch it as it comes back down.
Legend has it this was first done onto the roof of a Tech block facing a school field.
"What am I going to do with this?"
"Roof it."

"Hey *someone* just roofed *something*"
by Switch October 28, 2004

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