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to kiss repeatedly in a passionate fashion
jane and henry were feaseling in front of my locker, so i was forced to spray tehm with a water hose.
by switch May 05, 2003
Hard Times is a book written by a man called Charles Dickens, the name HARD times, COKETOWN and Charles DICKENS is just asking for trouble, the story is made to look intelegent by adding loads of complex relations, which actually are worth total crap, and are of no importance what-so-ever. It may contain some hot bitches but that's about all your going to find while wading through the crap that is the other 99% of the book. The best part of it is, it's given to teenage kids in school.
"I bet Dickens had some Hard times"

"Dude, how funny is the word HARD"
by Switch November 02, 2004
Cool is a position, you can look cool, act cool, and sound cool, cool is most commomly connected with the look, if you can look cool you can get anywhere in life, looking cool is more important than going to university. If you don't know what looking cool is like, it dosn't matter because you'll never be it. And that's what's important.
"That dude looks cool, give him a job."
by Switch October 28, 2004
Also known as Greenville--an utterly boring city in the piedmont of South Carolina that is a mixture of uber-rich CEOs and rednecks. Gvegas is surrounded on all sides by towns in which everyone is related, thus making it one of the only quasi-civilized places in north-western South Carolina.
Gvegas is most definately not a fun place to be.
by Switch September 15, 2004
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