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Noun. The status of being a kingpin. The ultimate status for a Hustler, Pimp, Playa, or combination of the above. Comes from the legal terminology used in the prosecution of leaders of criminal orginizations engaged in conspiracy.
On the very streets Cipher was raised he attained kingpin status.
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
Originally used to describe a man of independent wealth who could pursue whichever interests he so chose while the average man was busy working. The term was used by pimps to describe the lifestyle they had embraced.
Momma - "Boy, how you get all this money? I know you ain't workin for it."

Son - "Momma, you know I'm a man of leisure."

Momma - "Is that what they're callin it these days. You just a pimp and a mack. You ain't foolin no one, boy!"
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
Noun. Synonymous with the word "pimp". One who keeps a "hen house" or "coop" of "bitches/hoes" which turn "tricks" handing over most if not all of their profit in exchange for marketing (a Longshoe provides the clientele or the location to solicit clientele if engaged in street prostitution), leadership (The Longshoe provides all necessities such as a home, food, clothing, nails, hair, medical attention, contraceptives and most importantly illicit drugs. A Longshoe must make sure his bitches stay high as addiction gives the Longshoe control over the relationship. Often times the Longshoe assumes the role of an abusive father figure when cultivating a new trick to bind the relationship. Because of this pseudo-paternal relationship the hoe often times refers to the Longshoe as "daddy") and protection (both physical and legal) It is the Longshoe's responsibility to make sure that his hoe's are not beaten or abused in any way by clientele or rival pimps or prostitutes (although beatings utilizing a stretched out hangar or the back of the hand may be frequently dealt by the Longshoe for purposes of keeping the bitch "in-line" when she's been "schem'in") and to make sure his hoes stay out of jail (this includes providing the payment of bail and sometimes the procurement of legal representation).
Ya see that nigga's threads! Motherfucker sportin Sharkskin kicks! Nigga must be the Longshoe of the century to dough-up for vines like that!
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
Noun. In jailhouse vernacular a boast is a form of yard poetry that is developed to brag about a renown pimp, hustla or playa's deeds. Yard poetry is the origin of modern rap. Inmates had no musical accompaniment yet music became an essential form of entertainment for inmates trying to get through their bid.
Here is a classic boast, replete with examples of jailhouse vernacular, entitled:

"Cipher's Boast"

Of myself, I freely admit, besides some small shit I ain't got no game

But I once knew this sly hustlin, fly dressin motherfucker who'd built himself quite a name

As quiet as its kept you may not know of the longshoe of the century

So let me deal out the holecard and put you wise to his pedigree

Cipher, from the street he attained kingpin status through concentration and kilos and pimpin hoes with big asses

He wore vines displaying taste well ahead of his time

And sharkskin kicks, bustin hoes in the ass who refused to turn tricks

But he always dealt solid to those in his flock and as much as it may come as a shock

He only layed out lames who tried to lay him two ways

You know some Lames just can't take the weight, but like a stone cold noble he did his bid and went straight!
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
Noun. Slang word for a pair of shoes esp. a very nice pair. Can be used interchangeably with the word kicks. The term came from the Chuck Taylor canvas top sneaker which has become iconic since it was first marketed in the seventies.
"...I try to put on the chucks of the other man peace to my brother-man..."-Lyrics from HED(pe) the self-titled album.
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
Noun. A "lame" is a person who is a mark or a square. It refers to a person who is out of the loop or can easily be taken advantage of when running a con. More generally it can be used to describe any bitch-ass nigga! The anti-thesis to a hustler or playa.
If you lames don't pay what you owe I'm gonna lay you out two ways!
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
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