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A short video, usually 5 to 10 seconds long of compiled clips of random stuff. They are frequently posted on social websites such as facebook, twitter etc.
Hey man, did you see the vine by Jerome Jarre?

Yeah, that dude is hilarious
by labeast June 03, 2013
782 182
In a sense taken from the music of Tom Waits, a vine is a man's life, and more specifically, his love life.

If one were to listen to the song Another Man's Vine, a song of envy and infidelity, you would hear that a man's lover is a rose on his vine, and when she is unfaithful...Another man picks that rose.
An excerpt from Another Man's Vine,
From the album Blood Money,
By Tom Waits-

"Golden Willie's gone to war
He left his young wife on the shore
Will she be steadfast everyday?
While Golden Willie's far away
Along the way her letters end
She never reads what Willie sends
I see a red rose
I smell a red rose
Red rose blooming
On another man's vine"
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
104 161
The most popular social network app, next to twitter, which allows you to record short 15 second videos of annoying/ funny moments in your life. (Only available on iPhones)
"OMG that was perfect! Do it again so I can vine that!"

"Hey girl, vine me doing these backflips!"
by Tiaraaaa June 03, 2013
170 235
When a girl uses cheap toilet paper and wiping leaves little strings attached to her pubes.
“My buddy Bob hooked up with this beast of a woman and went down on her only to come up with a mouthful of vines!”
by fiftydollarbob December 30, 2010
113 180
High quality marijuana, or cannabis. A term coined by Pittsburgh based rapper Beedie.
I'm blowin' on that vine and it tastes great!
by GURUSTU412 March 05, 2013
93 174
a vine is a suit does anybody fuckin listen to big L damn!!!!!!
see that cats vine. shit be hot!
by ill k August 20, 2003
143 250
Videos of loud niggers
Guy 1: Did you see the latest vine, where the niggers are all loud and random?
Guy 2: You're going to have to be more specific
by JTecks January 30, 2014
59 193