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Noun. Synonymous with the word "pimp". One who keeps a "hen house" or "coop" of "bitches/hoes" which turn "tricks" handing over most if not all of their profit in exchange for marketing (a Longshoe provides the clientele or the location to solicit clientele if engaged in street prostitution), leadership (The Longshoe provides all necessities such as a home, food, clothing, nails, hair, medical attention, contraceptives and most importantly illicit drugs. A Longshoe must make sure his bitches stay high as addiction gives the Longshoe control over the relationship. Often times the Longshoe assumes the role of an abusive father figure when cultivating a new trick to bind the relationship. Because of this pseudo-paternal relationship the hoe often times refers to the Longshoe as "daddy") and protection (both physical and legal) It is the Longshoe's responsibility to make sure that his hoe's are not beaten or abused in any way by clientele or rival pimps or prostitutes (although beatings utilizing a stretched out hangar or the back of the hand may be frequently dealt by the Longshoe for purposes of keeping the bitch "in-line" when she's been "schem'in") and to make sure his hoes stay out of jail (this includes providing the payment of bail and sometimes the procurement of legal representation).
Ya see that nigga's threads! Motherfucker sportin Sharkskin kicks! Nigga must be the Longshoe of the century to dough-up for vines like that!
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
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