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Two or more rappers freestyling together in an informal context. They could be battling or simply playing off of each other.
Every tuesday night there's a hot cipher in the park. All the dopest mc's are there.
by krazy-h April 14, 2003
The order of who the pipe/joint/bong gets passed to. You usually try not to break the 'cipher'.
"Dont break the cipher, pass the bowl"
by Root January 08, 2003
0 in Supreme Mathematics

the completion of a circle consisting of 360 degrees, which is a whole
All in existence pertains to a Cipher.

According to Supreme Mathematics: When you get to ten what happens to that ten? You're actually on the left side of that zero. You, one (Knowledge), are on the left side of zero. Cipher is a zero. A circle.
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
Two or more b-boys or b-girls breakdancing in a circle together in an informal freestyle manner. They could be battling or simply playing off of each other. In larger groups, usually one or two people will go in the middle and break while others in the circle look on and cheer them on.
Hey, put down the mat so we can have a cipher session. I've been working on my uprok and footwork powermoves and want to see everyone's freezepose.
by LeftOn4ya October 05, 2007
In Cryptography, An Algorithm or method for encrypting a message
the Caesar cipher, is an encryption technique that was used by the Romans
by Capt_Capacitor April 11, 2005
There are a number of different code ciphers for different things in gaming, like message encryption and simple secrete lettering between senders. One of the most simple of ciphers is a number Cipher that consists of the 26 letters of the alphabet being coded each by number a-1, b-2, and so on. The (-) indicates letter to letter. The (,) is the space between each word. The next Cipher is a play on the alphabet. Which ever letter is above or below the letter in the cipher is how you would cipher the sentence. For instance (A) is actually the letter (N), (Y) is (M), (R) is (E) and so forth. It’s just plain fun for long road trips, classroom activity’s, and sending messages that aren’t just the same old plane Jane ILU or IMU TXTs. They also use these type of ciphers to send msgs they don't want people reading tho throw them off a trial. Old/present War tact for a strategy guide to formation.
19-5-14-4, 8-5-12-16, 11-9-12-15, 22-9-20-15-18, 25-1-14-11-5-5
9, 12-15-22-5, 13-25, 6-1-13-9-12-25
7-1-13-5-18, 6-15-18, 12-9-6-5
25-15-21-18, 4-15-7, 23-1-14-20-18, 20-15, 5-1-20, 13-25, 3-1-20
3-8-3-18-18-25, 16-9-5, 13-15-18-14-9-14-7, 20-15, 25-15-21, 4-1-18-12-9-14-7






by VYBIRLBH51893 July 21, 2010
90's Political Hardcore Band from Long Island, New York in the vein of Madball, VOD and 25 Ta Life. Started out as a militant vegan straight edge band, but changed styles after being signed to Double Down Records and became a brutal moshcore band. After being in a 5 year hiatus, released "a joyful collapse" on Uprising Records in 2009.
Yo dude, I went to see Cipher and the mosh pit was completely insane!" "There was a sick pile-on during when Cipher played Perfect Circle! Siiiiick!" "The singer of Cipher is smarter than my social studies teacher, and he kicks kids in the head during breakdowns
by Neglect_Cleanser_631 December 05, 2010
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