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4 definitions by Strongboy

balls, nuts, testicles, family jewels
"How are your maraccas?" he taunted his foe after flooring him with a humongous knee in the balls.
by Strongboy July 05, 2009
1. A female race horse, especially one who races stallions and beats them

2. A confident, strong, muscular, athletic woman
1. I'll pick a filly over a gelding any time.

2. The 100 meter women's Olympic final will be a Battle of the Fillies
by Strongboy February 13, 2012
Strong and muscular.

That teacher, he be backed-up.
by Strongboy July 13, 2008
A well-built, pleasantly masculine chick, muscular, strong and athletic
You saw Carmelita Jeter run the hundred? That chick is a studette!
by Strongboy September 22, 2009