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Having the characteristics of a pussy; soft, timid, cowardly or effeminate.
Why that dude act pussified everytime he's around that chick? She's only using him.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 21, 2006
Pussified - to be made into a pussy, to become weak like the lips of a vagina.
This course used to be hard, now it is pussified
by StevePerry February 14, 2005
our society currently as it is scared of everything including change in any form shape or size.
Vietnam solders at least smoked opium.
We are pussified by the US government.
by binl aden May 02, 2007
To make more like a pussy; water down.
Democrats are a pussified version of the Bolsheviks.
by YINever May 09, 2005
The act of being scared or intimidated by a very hott woman.Term can also describe a horrifying "intimate" moment with a woman.
mann,i was pussified by the girl in the red dress with the double d's!

oh boy, she invited me to he house, but the toys she had..they pussified me!
by hottstuff0819 January 14, 2008
Staging an elaborate public hoax to satisfy one's insatiable ego.
The thoroughly pussified heinne family reported their son had taken off in a weather baloon and fallen to his death when really, the pussified kid was hiding, in a box, in the attic, of his parents' garage.
by Marge234 October 16, 2009
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