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A Power or True metal band

Many feel that their music is repetitive...songs about glory, freedom, blood, kings and heavy metal...but these people are posers...there isnt a band more metal than ManOwaR...

"Heavy Metal...Or No Metal At All...Wimps and Posers...Leave the Hall!!"
That shitty Kerrang mag said Manowar were one of the worst bands ever...Ooook...you can stick to Linkin Park then Mr.Kerrang you faggot
by Steven January 26, 2005
n. anyone who is severly deluded about their ability to do something well or effectively. an annoying twit.
hey champ...she's clearly not interested, so get the fuck out of my chair so I can get back to my beer.
by steven May 20, 2004
A black mage from the popular Final Fantasy Series(IX).
Hey ever had vivi in your party?
by Steven November 10, 2003
The hardest bunch of people alive who run like beasts.
Runners are so cool.
by Steven October 31, 2004
Howard Dean.
I saw a 1979 Pinto with a Donkey Penis in 2004 sticker on it.
by Steven November 22, 2003
The ringing in your ear that is sometimes heard, usually because a sound is too loud.
My music was so loud, I now have chronic tinnitus.
by Steven December 15, 2003
1. An exclamation of delight

2. Being in agreement with someone else's happy news

(Have heard it used in Canada, not sure about elsewhere)
1. "Ooooh I just won 500 bucks in the lottery...fucking rights!"

2. "hey, I just won the lottery."
--"oh Fuking RIghts man..."
by Steven April 13, 2005

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