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A classic "I Did Your Mom Last Night" block. Used to intimidate bullies, with a quick comeback.
Guy: Dude, I Did your mom Last Night.

Guy: Well, too bad she has aids.
by steven March 03, 2005
To speak, sing, moan, or hum in a soft, gentle, intimate, soothing, or murmuring manner, particularly when adapting to an amplification system or using an echoing effect.
The mother was crooning over the sick child to help her fall asleep.
by Steven January 23, 2004
an adjective showing approval
That kid is mad chill.

The beach is chill.
by Steven August 01, 2003
The thing that's keeping me from buying a 30 watt transmitter and brodcasting good music all over the county.
The fcc is a bunch of communists. (See also pirite radio).
by Steven February 06, 2004
To manipulate, through clever conversation or flattery, your way into ones good graces.
Generally related to chasing women or scamming money.
Damn, that guy could smooze a nun outta' her panties.
by steven September 09, 2003
The most under rated man in metal music...The genius behind Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Savior and Gravedigger...some of the best power metal bands ever.
Who is that singing on Walls Of Jericho...Why its Kai Hansen
by Steven January 26, 2005
A german band formed by former Helloween Vocalist/Guitarist "Kai Hansen". A Power Metal band whose lyrics are based on anything from Space , Heavy Metal and The Illuminati
Gamma Ray are better than new helloween
by Steven December 03, 2004
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