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Always wears black, never ever wears shorts. (no matter how hot is out).
It's so f*ckin hot out and that ginker is wearing black pants!!
by steven April 30, 2004
A more descriptive name for the slow, powerless, and overpriced Apple Macintosh.
Finally, the G5 Macintrash is out! But even after numerous manipulation of the benchmark, the SP_INT test still shows that G5 is slower than a Dell!
by Steven February 13, 2005
A variation of Basketball focused mainly on humiliating the opponent instead of beating them.
The player tried to put the ball through the guys legs but it didn't work when the guy could have passed and got 2 more points ahead of the opposing team
by Steven December 23, 2003
Memphis is a ghetto, 93% black part of Tennessee, that has the highest crime rate in the nation. More homocides, rapes, theft, & kidnappings happen in areas such as the Mall of Memphis, & Orange Mound than anywhere else in the United States. Memphis is the city where "Crunk" was first used. It is the most populated city in Tennessee, & the only one that votes democrat. There are many attractions to visit such as Mud Island, Graceland, Beale Street, The Memphis Zoo, the Memphis in May Festival, & the National Civil Rights Museum, but it is recommended you bring mace, because you are likely to get shot by a Blood, Vice Lord, or Crip member, because all three operate their southern gang heaquarters in Memphis.
Memphis is a shithole.
by Steven March 09, 2005
The greatest band ever. They spawned the second greatest band ever, the Gay Flamingos.
"Get the scientists working on the tube technology" - Jack
"(done as backup) technology" - Kyle
by Steven April 07, 2004
when your bf sends you sex related messages over the cell
My boy just sent me a sex text. where he was heving a rodeo in my pants and having a ski show on my tits.
by Steven April 22, 2005
A small chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream.
Hey, you want a dingdong?
by Steven April 12, 2005

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