16 definitions by Steve Austin

When you're single and nauseated by all the supposedly "happy" couples making goo goo eyes and calling each other shmoopy around you.
Great another fucking Crapintines Day alone
by steve austin September 19, 2005
When you go into the woods to take a crap and accidentallly wipe out an entire ant colony.
Those ants are on the road to craptinction
by steve austin July 21, 2004
Pumpkin shaped crap that comes out around halloween time
Hey, check out the crap o lanterns this year!!!
by steve austin September 15, 2005
The inner sanctum of crap
Quick Robin, we must get to the craptum craptorium, before it is too late.
by steve austin August 18, 2004
Where craps go to die
I have to drop something off at the crapetorium
by steve austin July 23, 2004
The celebration of the month of craptober
I can't wait to have some crap beer and crap pretzels at this year's craptoberfest
by steve austin July 23, 2004
A huge spectacle of crap
Hey Diana, wanna go down and see the big Christmas craptacular?
by steve austin July 23, 2004

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