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Term describing a woman's vagina as being irresistible to men. To have, "glitter," simply means that men find you very attractive and after having intercourse, they are blinded by the sparkles that they become obsessed with you.
"He won't stop calling me because he tried my glitter pussy!"
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
A short, slightly less offensive way for a female to say she has to go pee.
Derived from the term,"drain the snake," which is another way men announce they have to pee.
"I'm running to the bathroom because I've got to go, "ring out the beaver!"
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
A disorder brought on by someone that chews up their food (chewer), then spits it out in order to prevent weight gain. Common to the disorder known as bulimia. Can lead to anorexia.
I came home and found chewed up food spit out in the sink. She must be have chewlimia.
by stephknee August 11, 2008
Term derived from the word, "glitter." Describing a woman as having so many men finding her so irresistible, that it's interfering with her daily life; having too many suitors or sexual partners.
"You're glitterfull, you need to take a break from the guys this weekend."
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
A term describing a man as being blinded by the beauty of a woman with a, "glitter pussy." In other words, "whipped." He finds a woman so sexy, that he is almost in shock and is in an obsessive state-almost stalkerish.
"That sex was so good last night, that I might be glitterfied by this girl."
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
Derived from the word, "glitter," this term is used to describe a girl that has just found her,"glitter," power over men, and is highly excited about it. She uses her, "glitter pussy," to her advantage and is having fun with her sexuality. Being, "glittertastic," usually ends up making the woman, "glitterfull."

Happiness derived from obtaining a lot of attention from men.
"I'm feeling like it's going to be a glittertastic night!"
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
Term describing a womans vagina as having an irresistible attractiveness. After having intercourse with a woman that has a "glitter pussy," they are almost put under a spell by her beauty and become obsessed with her. The text/call her nonstop until they get to see her again.
"That girl that I slept with last night had that glitter!"
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
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