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Something that young black girls, specifically in their teens/20s, call white guys, specifically to confuse them.
"I caught the closing elevator door for her so she wouldn't miss the elevator at my hotel, and she called me Glitterdick. She smiled, makes me guess it wasn't mean spirited but who knows."
by aguywhoiskindaweird January 16, 2014
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A guy who fancies themselves larger than life and thinks they are a celebrity amongst their peers, and a legend in their own mind. He who dresses obnoxiously to be noticed by anyone and everyone.
"Oh my god you guys, Sean was showing me all of the pictures he took of ONLY himself for his myspace page- there must have been at least 35 of them, what a fuckin glitter dick."
by Steffanikk January 11, 2008
To get someone's attention by adding sparkly decorations to one's body and parading around the person in a fashionable, yet suggestive mannor.
Dude, Neil totally glitterdicked that girl last night!
by Reeses lover January 12, 2007
The penis of a "Twilight"-esque vampire, adored by creepy fangirls.
by Yourtwinnies January 26, 2011
the result of having glitter on one's penis.

usually prefaced by a stellar handjob, blowjob or titty fuck from a chick that applied glitter at the beginning of the night.
I know that Ramone cheated on me last night...he came home with glitter dick.
by dirtyhairy August 05, 2007
A term describing a mans penis after he's been with a girl having, "glitter pussy," and is leaving him wanting more.
"That girl last night was so hot, I got glitterdick."
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
a penis that has received oral sex from a female wearing glittery lipstick
my friend got a blow job from a chick with glittery lipstick, so he has glitter dick
by Jeanineg6 December 16, 2007

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