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A word used mostly by freshman girls with a serious lack of vocabulary skills. A conjunction of the words glitter and fantastic, used to describe something as cool, stellar, or McSweet.
Yea i got some glittertastic eyeshadow the other day, its presh.
by Abby McSweetie Preshness September 28, 2007
Derived from the word, "glitter," this term is used to describe a girl that has just found her,"glitter," power over men, and is highly excited about it. She uses her, "glitter pussy," to her advantage and is having fun with her sexuality. Being, "glittertastic," usually ends up making the woman, "glitterfull."

Happiness derived from obtaining a lot of attention from men.
"I'm feeling like it's going to be a glittertastic night!"
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
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