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Something or Someone Tasty.
Why do you always have to go out of your way and hit on every chick that gives you a look?

Well, I do it for Da Taste! So just chill and lets have a Tasty time.
by Stephen October 30, 2004
Fun that men can have while together
Karl can have 'man fun' with Lee
by stephen February 04, 2005
A dog that humps human beings.
" Get this peezmo off my leg man"
by Stephen October 28, 2004
A retarded person that wiggles around and waves to people he/she doesn't know at all.
"Dude you think you're so cool."
"Atleast I'm not going out with a Derdillus
by Stephen October 27, 2004
Editing or building upon an existing quote
"The consequence of life is death, and so any life created cannot be sustained. In other words all living things die." is a re-quotation of "The consequence of life is death." Jake Lawton
by Stephen November 06, 2004
A freakin hot chick , like paradise.
" Shiiiittt dude look at that derdise"
by Stephen October 28, 2004
A koofey is a skully or a beenie cap with holes in it.

The Koofey hat can be found and sold in the streets of New York City with all different colors.

Some New Yorkers use koofey as a joke or insult to some one.
"Im putting you on my koofey list!"

"Off wit ya fucking koofey!" (Off with your head)

Punchline: "Put more holes in your head than a koofey."
by Stephen December 19, 2004

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