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Male masturbation.
Ala: jacking off, beating off, wanking, etc.
by Stephen June 12, 2004
Inf - Short for a infrared beam

Usually in slang terms if some one says that have a inf or inf beam they mean that have a infrared beam on their gun.
He put the red dot on his head...

50 cent - "What you know about AK's and A-R 15's Equipped wit night visions,shell cases,and Inf beams"
by Stephen December 29, 2004
v. A prank pulled on a friend that involves two people sneaking up on the person and each grabbing a different leg. Both pull forcefully in different directions like one would on a wishbone from an Thanksgiving turkey. This causes severe pain the the groin and loins.
"Hey man, whats wrong?" James asked Henry who was rubbing his groin in a painful manner.
"I just got wishboned!"
by Stephen October 27, 2004
When you grab your bare testicles where they are attached to the body and squeeze slightly to create what looks like a chicken brain with your nuts. Usually placed on the forehead of a friend who is passed out and pictures are taken.
Hey Bud, you were so fucked up last night that ZAC chicken brained you for like 5 minutes. I think he got ball sweat on your forehead too.
by Stephen June 03, 2005
The area of flesh bridging the gap between the lower ball sack and the ring piece. So called due to the strong influence of smell around the area.
Sandra - Goodness me, what is that strong aroma?

Jim - Why that will be my sniffy bridge, I haven't cleaned it for ages.
by stephen November 26, 2004
As forestated: A slang term for male genitalia. A male chicken (rooster). As a verb, an action denoting raising, such as that of an eyebrown or hammer of a gun.
1. That fucking-smelly-bitch ain't getting a hold of this cock.
2. The cock spurred the hen while giving it to her 'good'.
3. a) I cocked my eyebrow, realsing it's all fun and games until...
b) I cocked my pistol and then realised I wasn't American or in a high school, so I recycled it.
by Stephen September 11, 2003
Something or Someone Tasty.
Why do you always have to go out of your way and hit on every chick that gives you a look?

Well, I do it for Da Taste! So just chill and lets have a Tasty time.
by Stephen October 30, 2004

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