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synonomous with butthead,butthole,asswipe...etc.etc
he's being some dumb, what a farthead
by stephanie May 07, 2004
to take a shit, but make sure to leave them some sunscreen(piss), and there always seems to be corn in it no matter if you had it or not
Keith:I just dropped the Cosby's off at the pool
Bethany: Eww, i didnt need to know about that
by Stephanie February 20, 2004
A lurvely girl from Denmark who's way more better than a mud digger and perfect in every way....like WHOA!
That Stine is totally wicked and awesome and sparkling with effervescense or something!
by Stephanie January 13, 2005
a type of really sweet shoes
Hey, look at that street punk's leopard creepers. He is a sexy bastard.
by stephanie October 08, 2003
A movie about cheeleaders starring Kirsten Dunst.
Bring It On is a kick ass movie with hot cheerleaders!
by Stephanie March 20, 2005
Adjective- the state of being into Hilary Duff.
Jason is into Hilary Duff and is therefore WAY lamecore!
by Stephanie March 31, 2004
He says he doesn't want to be known, I think he is lying. He wants to be known, but not for the women/men he's had or the cars and houses, he wants to be known for his music. And, I think, after "Room on Fire" he has made that certain. He is cool and uncool about it, but what is for sure is that he means well, he cares for the craft and not in it for the money.
Julian Casablancas is someone I wouldn't want to hang out with, because of drinking/drugs, but I enjoy his music and I'm glad I live in the same time slot as him.
by Stephanie January 11, 2004

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