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the essence of being lame.
wtf? omg you're so lamecore.
by Jorge Bush March 28, 2005
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the act of being lame. to the core
dude that movie was so lame-core
by Kregg October 15, 2003
Adjective- the state of being into Hilary Duff.
Jason is into Hilary Duff and is therefore WAY lamecore!
by Stephanie March 31, 2004
its like hardcore, but it pertains to lameness
having to go to work with a hangover is LAMECORE!
by wtfever October 09, 2004
Popular mainstream rap - unlike hardcore rap, it's all about bling and chicks and makin' love and whatnot, usually delivered in smooth tones (for the laydeez) and is ultimately lame - to the core.
Did you check out his CD collection? It was all Usher and heaps of other slick, generic, vacuous lamecore rap and r'n'b.
by THEPLAGIARIST April 22, 2010
The being of true lameness, often used to describe things that have gone wrong or emo/indie bands that suck you have to sit through.
Stop being so lamecore, Horst!
by Dirtypinko March 29, 2004
when something is lame and the complete opposite of radcore
"hey, check out this!!!
by Reuben Bateson May 16, 2010

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