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The act of ejaculating on a woman's behind as she lies on her stomach, then rubbing the ejaculate across her butt cheeks with the tip of your penis. The end result being that her butt cheeks are covered in a glaze which depending on nationality may in fact resemble a glazed plain bagel.
As Julie lie on the bed near the window, John stood in awe as the glazed bagel he had just given Julie was twinkling in the moonlight ever so beautifully.
by SquirrelPimp March 26, 2014
The act of profusely blowing diarrhea out of one's asshole. This may be due to many things such as being sick or hung over.

Rectal Vomit is basically projectile diarrhea. Not pretty.
Ex1: After a long, hard night of rough anal sex Jackie had to run to the toilet and blow out some rectal vomit.

Ex2: Sam drank so much beer and ate so much smoked sausage last night that when he woke up this morning he blew rectal vomit all over his new bed sheets.
by SquirrelPimp March 26, 2014
Nutterscotch refers to any time a male's ejaculate resembles liquid butterscotch.

It does not matter where the ejaculate is, or who ejaculated on what, nutterscotch simply refers to the color and consistency of the ejaculate in comparison to liquid butterscotch.

Additionally, it is worth noting that "nutterscotch" may be used as a either a noun or an adjective. It is also uncommonly used as a verb.
Ex1: In the light of the moon, the ejaculate in Jill's gorgeous, flowing blonde hair resembled nutterscotch.

Ex2: Michael Bolton enjoys nutterscotch enemas.

Ex3: Carlos nutterscotched all over Sabrina's back so when she woke up in the morning she would be stuck to the bed sheets.
by SquirrelPimp March 26, 2014
A set of finely crafted male undergarments, usually made of the finest silk (or some other very comfortable material for your nuts to rest in). Nut ushers firmly cradle your junk, but also hold them with the tender caress of a woman's supple hand. This is so the "boys" (your balls) stay on the reservation and dont go wandering off.

Basically, Nut Ushers keep your balls in order and in their proper location, while maintaining comfort.
Ex1: Devin bought the sweetest 4 pack of nut ushers from The Gap yesterday. He looks so happy.

Ex2: These nut ushers I picked up at the market yesterday allowed me to walk in comfort without my underwear ripping out my pubes, or forcing my balls above my shaft in a mishmash of sweaty meat and kidney bean casserole. Happy birthday me!
by SquirrelPimp March 26, 2014
An individual with a penis, usually a man, who prefers anal sexual intercourse over that of any other form. Mudmoles can usually be determined by their shit stained penis tip/head (a stained penis tip from having too many "mud helmets," and poor hygiene).
Ex1: That Rodney is such a mudmole, every time he walks by I can smell that shit-smell wafting off the tip of his penis as it swings back and fourth in his shorts as he walks. Wash that damn thing every once in a while Rodney!

Ex2: Fernando had a reputation on the block for being quite the mudmole. He would dip his dong in anything with an asshole.
by SquirrelPimp March 26, 2014

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