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To hold a woman like a baby and finger her while in your arms
She got the cradle and she hated it.
by Me and Mrs. Jones March 22, 2007
(v.) To fill a toilet completely to the rim with toilet paper and THEN poop on top of the wad

When combined with the act of "upper decking" someone's toilet, the cradle becomes the "Grand Slam."
Guy 1: Jake was being a dick at his part last night so we cradled his toilet
Guy 2: That's gonna take hours to clean.
by Ankylosaurus February 24, 2010
(N) When someone or something gives you the inspiration to say "aww" or it is cute, it is considered cradle.
(V) to cradle it, something you want to hold or touch
(note: not used in a sexual sense)
That old man holding the door for his wife is cradle!
You just made my day, cradle you!
You are so cradle!
That little dog is cradle with barrettes in it's hair.
by Sam Bleotch April 18, 2006
Needs a shave constantly.
Dodgy child snatcher who looks similar to Gollum.

It's just safer that way!
-Look Cradle!
-Actually it's nothing.
-What was it?
-What was it...wait were you pointing to that kid?
-You were weren't you?
-Well...okay, yes.
-Why would I be interested in that four year old?
-Well you are drooling.
-Oh, I see.
by avenger of the idiots February 11, 2005
On the highway, the clear space between clusterfucks (packs of cars traveling close together at the same speed across both lanes).
"I know I'm not at the speed limit, but I'd rather be in the cradle--with no cars around you, you're a lot less likely to get in an accident."
by Jackee H. December 14, 2007
n.- filthy fucking paedo, who goes by the name of Cradle. Preys on little children esp. those with no limbs. - disgusting isn't it?
alt.- 'Cradle', 'Cradle Snatcher', 'Fucking Paedo' or 'Stay Away From My Kids'
No examples - just don't let go of your child's/ baby sister/brother's hand. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
by U NO HU January 21, 2005
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