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9 definitions by Spyke

A rolled Marijuana joint
Thats the biggest dooby I ever seen man, where did you get it?

Ur looking at it through a telescope bad
by Spyke March 20, 2003
305 88
The act of hitting someone across the face with one's penis
I SMURFED the bus driver for arriving late; would you like me to SMURF you?; What lovely weather for smurfing
by Spyke March 17, 2003
588 420
A homosexual Male...other common terms include; Treacle dipper, Marmite miner, Fudge packer, Ian Black and Anal Coloumbus
George Michael
by Spyke March 20, 2003
186 59
The insertion of an unlubricated cabbage or Iceberg lettuce into one's anus
I BUNCED Jack's mum
by Spyke March 17, 2003
21 13
A phrase to describe a lot of something.
"Wow, there's a cubic fuckton of people here!"
by Spyke March 25, 2004
10 3
To jack off. Derives from a shooting game in which you say,"Pull" and then shoot.When we all know that you actually pull and then shoot diferent stuff!
That guy skeeted all over her face'and she looks like a freak
by Spyke September 28, 2004
8 12
A prison nickname given to offenders convicted of beastiality
HEY! DOT! Put that cat down and get back in your' cell
by Spyke March 20, 2003
3 19