27 definitions by Smith

Someone similar to the shlong patrol, but has no penis, and no face


someone who can sing good.
You are not a member of thug sausage you fat kid.
by smith March 13, 2003
similair to poodoop but it sounds more like a pen splashing into water
I was doin my buisness at target when i heard the pladacus from the stall next to me
by smith September 01, 2004
Pronounced Streesh. Italian original meaning jizz marks.
Dude, your damn dog left striche marks my pants.
by Smith March 19, 2005
Used when some next man is rucking with some other next man and one of the next men is brucking up the other bredwin bad.
"What-da-blut-yo, that next man is really egging the bred!"
by Smith February 15, 2005
An anus that spews forth hot, digested culinary remnants on an hourly basis. See jaxxor.
Jack's pejector resembles Mount Saint Helens at 9:30 AM every morning after eating Freebirds prepared by the burrito maiden.
by Smith December 03, 2003
The act of running to the bathroom after a long hard night of drinking and eating Aramark Brand college food where your large intestine lets loose a foul wave of crap in under 1 second.
I heard that reverse vomiting is an act that occurs a lot after thirsty thursday

Dude, That reverse vomiting got to me again...
by Smith November 17, 2003
A stumpy is a homosexual teenage boy, with a stumpy thumb and a choid. Goes with the crowd, and never has any ideas of their own
Richard (Stumpy) archer
by SMITH November 08, 2004
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