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The Molish can only be understood by those who have/had The Molish but I shall explain it as best as I can.

The Molish is the absolute pride and joy after landing a monster song of your own creation.
1. "We ROCK!"

2. "May you walk in the shadow of The Molish.. for The Molish is the key to Rock Heaven."

3. "We got The Molish!"
by Slightly_Mad January 10, 2007
A "Travelling Andy" is when you fart while sitting in a chair. However, the gas bubble moves toward the front rather than the back and the farter will feel it pushing the skin between the scrotum and thigh aside. Known to only happen with males and is a fairly rare occurrence.
Ha Ha Ha. Just had a Travelling Andy.
by Slightly_Mad December 10, 2006
To make-out with your partner immediatly after you dropped a nugget in their mouth.
mmm we both enjoyed that corn.
by Slightly_Mad March 02, 2004
When you are at full erection, you look like a flagpole after a tradegy.
So hard it hurts.
by Slightly_Mad March 02, 2004
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