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the act of sitting backwards on a toilet and defecating. this is done so that the poop will get stuck on the side of the bowl, not falling into the water. if done properly (much harder than it sounds) the poop will remain even after a flush. this is done to people/places you dont like (eg school) usually by teenage boys.
Yeah, he flagpoled in the school toilets

oh man, i tried flagpoling my own toilet but it didnt work. its so hard!
by Dread Pyrate Bonney April 29, 2005
The classic place for two opponents to meet for a fight.
1. "Meet me at the flagpole, 3 o'clock. We'll work out our difficulties."

2. "Excuse me, I have an appointment at the flagpole."
by Berzerkley April 20, 2008
n. An erect penis.
Come on dear! climb on top the flagpole tonight!
by 70's guy March 29, 2006
When a person passes out drunk and you stick a broom stick in their ass. It sticks up like a flag pole. Adding a real flag is optional.
I passed out lastnight and the bastards gave me a flag pole!
by bizzach April 11, 2005
An oral sex position, wherein the fellator holds their body horizontally (as a flag relative to a flagpole) while performing fellatio.
"I hear Rebbecca totally gave that RA a flagpole! That sh*t is BANANAS!"
by OctaveO October 08, 2009
An erection that sticks out really far. Sometimes has observers to it.
I was swimmig under water with goggles and saw this guy with a huge flagpole.
by MarKatWil July 27, 2008
Swiping your finger(s)in an upward motion on/in the crack of someones ass, not during a sexual encounter(usually).
If you flagpole me, I will punch you in the nose.
by Crystal2007 January 17, 2009
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