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v. something that has nothing to do with cropdusting

The tragedy that hit the farm yesterday will make it hard to work in the fields, so perhaps I'll tradegy instead.
by RayB December 20, 2005
the art or act of editing, changing or trading part of a sad story or tragedy to create a happier one.
mr. jones rewrote romeo and juliet into a great tradegy by changing the ending significantly.
by dustin york September 05, 2007
A stradegy for dealing with tragedy. Effective on a minute to minute or day to day basis and as a permanent solution for eradicating both the existence of, as well as the word tragedy itself.

CAUTION: Due to the frequent use of the word Tradegy, it has been reported that people have lost the ability to speak the word Tragedy.
Tradegy stole the show.
by Tradegy Aesthetic Apparel November 25, 2012

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