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Tastefully elegant,intelligent,a sense of humor,refined but also street-wise and able to mingle with different "social classes". A classy lady.
Audrey Hepburn's character Holly, in Breakfast at Tiffany's is an example of a modern-day Dicty dame.
by sleepy October 13, 2004
When a sports team or their coach decides to continue a massive beating when the game is clearly out of reach. Also excessive end zone celebrating in the same situation. In effect the winning team is clowning the losing team.
The Gators are beating FAMU 70-0 and they elect to go for 2 points! Coach Spurrier is definately in clown mode!

A defensive back from Oklahoma does the Heisman Trophy pose in the endzone after returning an INT 99 yards to make the score OU-52 Texas A&M-0. That dude is in clown mode!
by Sleepy December 02, 2003
Rolling a joint containing tobbaco and weed.
I was sittin on the sofa roachin a spliff watchin the T.V.
by Sleepy October 12, 2004
A word yelled out when a defensive player is about to intercept a pass and take it back for maxium yardage, possibly a TD.
"Berlin drops back in the pocket, he sees Winslow open in the endzone....SKIOSK! Spears comes out of nowhere and intercepts the pass and hes off to the races, 20, 15, 10, touchdown LSU!!!"
by Sleepy December 02, 2003
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