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Roachin is when you act broke as fuck, look for handouts (Usually weed or alcohol). These are the type of dickheads that'll stand outside a dealers house waiting to hit someone up for a hit. You'll never pay you back and they'll NEVER put in.
When you buy weed and some idiot you've never met asks for a hit."Roachin''"
by SpicyItalian October 15, 2013
this is basically a bum, you know your friend that always comes around and don't have a job but always wants a bite of your food one of your beers or cigarettes and possibly your drugs if you have any, basically like a roach that lives in your house they are hard to get rid of and never contribute to any kind of cause
Quit ya roachin and get a job!
by Pompous Smurf July 27, 2006
to excessively use someone elses belongings, usually food, in an attempt to survive off said individual, like a roach.

When one doesn't have materials they desire and attempts to get them from another person.
If you're hungry eat now, don't wait until we're at my girl house and then start roachin' in her refridgerator.

That girl doesn't have any clothes of her own, so whenever we go out she always roachin' in my closet for somethin to wear.
by J.Hayes October 21, 2005
An antonym of "ballin"

1. The lifestyle of a homeless person
Shoot that Hobo Jim is ROACHIN! oh my gah!
by Will Renfroe September 01, 2007
to fall on hard marijuana times... utimately, hard times in the ghetto
with no means, & no fresh cheeb in sight, we were stuck roachin' it on a friday night.
by moanman May 11, 2005
a person who at work intentually slacks because they know they can get away with it.
That Bamma always be roachin' me
by HRM SMK April 01, 2008
A term used for when a person is buggin out or being completely paranoid.
Yo yesterday Mike was fuckin roachin' because the cops were driving around.
by Jacob Stone April 11, 2007

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