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Slang for a woman's asshole. Used especially when referencing anal sex.
I'ld like to slam her in her demon hole.

I'd pound the demon hole 'til the sun stops shining
by Sketchtool August 13, 2009
every stupid kid in the "scene." They think they are hardcore, and not emo. However, they are infact emo. They are into all of the latest cookie-cut corporate rock, though they believe it to be unique and orginal. They like to use x's in names, and use 1's for !
Did you hear about the trendiest new sceney bopper band, xxXx No Bullet for my Bleeding Heart on a Crying Parade XxxXXX, they are so scene !!!11111
by Sketchtool September 18, 2008
Referring to a male penis.
I have a Noblin Goblin in my pants.

She played with my Noblin Goblin.

My Noblin Goblin spit on her face.
by Sketchtool August 13, 2009
More commonly known as a butt hole.
Come on baby, let me pound that buddle.

I'd slam her buddle.

Birth-control will no-longer be trouble, just as long as you pound her buddle
by Sketchtool August 13, 2009
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