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1. One who has reached e-pimp status.

2. One skilled in the art of gathering n00dz online from a chick or camgirl that insists they would never do anything like that.
If score some n00dz from this Michelle chick I will qualify for e-pro status.

John just cammed with three different chicks at once, he's a veteran e-pro.

She said he e-pro'd her right out for her gear.
by Sirharper November 17, 2004
Ol skool term for a farmer or rural dweller. (see also redneck or hick)
Them folks Paris and Nicole be stayin with...what sharecroppers.
by Sirharper October 06, 2004
1. A contraction of the words (Larry) Hryb and Propaganda.

2. Derogatory information of a bias or misleading nature used to promote the status of the Xbox 360 while simultaneously disparaging relating products.

3. The totality of the comments in blog and podcast format offered at Major Nelson's website.

4. The dissemination of pro-Microsoft related information targeted to the Xbox 360 Fanboy population.
Did you hear Major Nelson's latest podcast? What a bunch of worthless hrybaganda!
by Sirharper July 17, 2006
1. Something or someone that seems great online but IRL they aren't at all what they seem.

2. A poser that tries to front mad skillz while safely behind a computer screen but IRL they are 30 years old living in their mom's basement or something similar.
That camgirl is mad e-licious, but IRL she snorts when she laughs.

That vase I bought on eBay is ugly, but it was e-licious in the picts.
by Sirharper November 18, 2004

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