Top Definition
1. One who has reached e-pimp status.

2. One skilled in the art of gathering n00dz online from a chick or camgirl that insists they would never do anything like that.
If score some n00dz from this Michelle chick I will qualify for e-pro status.

John just cammed with three different chicks at once, he's a veteran e-pro.

She said he e-pro'd her right out for her gear.
by Sirharper November 17, 2004
The former Phantom Evil King, also a sexy, sexy magician. Wears indigo eyeshadow, fights with cards, and speaks in rhyme.
Epros is Mog's idol.
by Mog February 16, 2005
to be an extreme professional; usually said when someone does something amazing.
That kick flip was E-Pro!!
by SkaterDre January 12, 2010
A guy who stole his name from the worst game ever made, and sucks just as bad.
Why do you have to be such an Epros all the time?
by Socratus September 15, 2003
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