13 definitions by Silent Bob

terrible and horrible combined together, making one word.
Thats a terrihorrible thing to say about someones deceased mother and father.
by Silent Bob February 03, 2004
Very Large Suppository
I went to the doctor with an ulcer and he prescribed me this giant bottle of Ass Missiles.
by Silent Bob March 11, 2003
a polite word for buggery
dount you dair attempt to fairymount me!
you gay muth f***er
by silent bob November 07, 2004
A forum for wannabe Street Racers and Car enthusiast to come and talk shit. originated for discussion, it now serves one purpose to put down people who cannot afford or choose not to invest all their money into a "fast" car
you wanna race?
massdriven lives one 1/4 mile at a time
even if i lose your car still sucks
by Silent Bob March 08, 2005
(See Furburger)When a pussy is plump and juicy but not tight
Man i fucked a whore last nite and ate her hamburger vagina
by Silent Bob January 17, 2003
An adjective used to replace any other adjective when the use of the actual adjective is not wanted or needed for the use in the sentence that is being spoken in the present time of the sentence speaking when the adjectinve is not being used in the sentence in the present time of inproper grammar for the the sheer pleasure to confuse a complete moron in the state of moronicality.
What the snoogens is going on here?
by Silent Bob January 16, 2003
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