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Beautiful little village area at the southern end of the town of Sutton in outer London/north Surrey. Belmont has its own small railway station, while Sutton's mainline station is only a mile north. There are several restaurants in the main village street, and the residential roads off contain character houses from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.
People who live in Belmont are lucky. I wish I lived there.
by .l May 05, 2014
A small town in the bay area that houses Carlmont High School, formerly the infamous school of the movie "dangerous minds". Despite popular belief, kids in Belmont are often more dangerous than people think. It must be the yay. If you hate us, shut the fuck up, you punk ass bitches.
EPA kid: "yall want to go to Belmont?"
Other EPA kid: "hell na', dos whiteys scare me!"
by Eric June 18, 2006
n., The hood, a small suburban town in the Boston area consisting of crackheads and pimps. When your in the mean streets of Belmont (there's a shitload of potholes) u better watch your back or you're gonna get a beatdown.
In truth, Belmont is one of the safest towns in the state of Massachusetts, consisting of mormons and really white people that play baseball.
by KidGENIUSSSSS March 22, 2009
A cigarette brand. 'Strong', but not nasty-tasting. Also called Bellies.
"(8) I like my cigarettes stronnngg but like a Belmont." - Me, copyrighted.
by BelmontGirl December 10, 2009
A sexual act named for the Belmont El train station in Chicago, the location where one "transfers from the red line to the brown line".
Me and Cherise were gettin' it on like crazy, but she was real surprised when I pulled the Belmont on her.
by dan1987 April 15, 2010
When you're having sex with a girl on her period and you pull out and put it in her ass. Transfer from the red line to the brown.

See Chicago CTA Map
My girl was ragging so I went Belmont on that shit.
by MillzDillz April 17, 2016
Another word for calling someone a bell end, idiot, fool, helmet etc. I've heard it used in a lot of different places in the UK. In our area we got the word from the old Vauxhall Belmont car that my friends dad used to drive. He was a massive Belmont as well.
"Tim's dad is a massive Belmont still driving around in that piece of shit"

"Oh shit I lost my wallet, I'm such a belmont."
by Kerry Dixon December 16, 2011
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