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Originally an aeronautical term that is the equivalent to the modern "Loud & Clear". In slang usage, it means "great, fine"; popular in New England, it was made famous in "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" from its overuse by the rogue slayer Faith.
"No worries, B. That vamp tried to kill us but I got mad skills. We're five-by-five here."
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 03, 2003
A breeder, a heterosexual. Must be said with much emphasis on the first syllable to rhyme with tetra
Man, there are too many hetras in this bar. What happened to the homos?
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003
Masturbating (female): backformed from "jack off"
This dyke loves to watch girls jilling off for real, not faking it on stupid breeder porn.
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003
This wide-ranging area includes Southern California, Baja California, Sonora, Arizona, New Mexico and Chihuahua. Some also include Nevada, Utah and parts of SW Colorado. It is the opposition to Cascadia and borders Chicharrones.
He's straight outta SoMex with those San Diego stylins and that outfit.
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003
1. fried pork rinds, popular in SoMex cuisine.
2. The geographic region encompassed by Texas, Oklahoma, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. It is bordered by SoMex on the West and Chitlins on the East
That country-ass hick? He's from Chicharrones, can't you hear that Tex-Mex twang?
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003
A person of deliberately neuter gender and/or sexuality, derived from Gwyneth Jones' WHITE QUEEN series.
"Dude, is that a dude or a chick?" "Yes. I mean no. Neither. Dude, these halfcastes fuck with my head."
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003
1. Fried fat: slang for crappy, poor people food.
2. The Deep-South regions bordered by Chicharrones on the West and including Alabama and the like.
So here I was, a white transwoman drivin' cross Chitlins in a Vulva with a stylish NY-style black dyke copilot: it were UGLY, man, no other word for it.
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003

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