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South African word for the Holy Herb.
Don't Bogart that joint.zoll
by SiLvErMaN April 19, 2007
I saw , I conquered , I came.
vidi vici vini I saw , I conquered , I came and how nice it was.
by SiLvErMaN May 04, 2007
usually the silverpaper from a cigarette packet folded and rolled up to look like a snail and inserted in a bottleneck used for smoking zoll
The girrick was too small as usual and did not hold properly but kept slipping out
by silverman June 18, 2008
word used to describe the art of smoking weed in a joint , bong , bottleneck, carrot, apple, earth pipe , clay pipe etc
"Make a skyf my brae."
by SiLvErMaN May 04, 2007
A african Xhosa language word for the clitoris.
Whats that little thing above the vagina called...Darn, I had it on the tip of my tongue last night...Oh yes her gnut/clitoris....LOL
by SilvermaN January 20, 2009
pubic hair covering her oyster......
Finally when I got down to it,she had so much camouflange, I could only think of shaving her clean at that time.............
by SilvermaN September 16, 2008
She wasn't a 'nohair nowhere' babe,but had far too much camouflange in her panties.
by Silverman September 03, 2008

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