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sweet loving cool and exotic beauty.
you know what yarden means
by dashittttt February 11, 2010
38 24
A garden that is bigger than a garden , but smaller than a yard.
My yarden is getting to be too large to cope with. I need a smaller garden .
by silverman December 03, 2010
16 8
Very similar to the concept of gardening, but for those with only a yard.

To improve the prettiness and aesthetic value of ones yard and create as close to a garden as possible rather than the bland concrete.
Lets have a bbq in the yarden.
Ive been busy planting flowers in my yarden.
by Indiglow July 29, 2012
3 3
a person who is very shit at CS and can only do it on net suing 0.05 501/501
(0_o)<( Hi i'm yarden )
/ \
by KooL April 18, 2003
11 40