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A folded dollar bill like a fan to be inserted in the crack of a stripper's ass.
After rooster tailing that spinner, she shook her tail feather down the catwalk.
by Shzae March 16, 2008
a gargantuan snake for a cock
While drying off in the locker room, I didn't appreciate dude dragging his Kevin Willis across my feet ...
by Shzae March 13, 2008
The act of shameless self-promotion and or exploitation via social networking the way Facebook intended.
The way Peter Wacker broadcasts every single insignificant event in his pathetic life is such Facebook-ploitation.
by Shzae July 21, 2009
texting cock shots
Brett Favre's shriveled old man meat has totally given coxting a bad name ...
by Shzae October 18, 2010
sexting via an iPhone device
While traveling out of town on business, phone-boning got old so we resorted to i-boning w/pictures & videos.
by Shzae March 13, 2010
an incompetent iPhone owner that relies on more experienced users to effectively utilize their pocket pc
Look at that iTard that has to hand his iPhone to his wife or brother to perform any operations.
by Shzae March 13, 2010

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