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Trying to get to sleep by repeatedly jerking off.
Dude, I couldn't sleep last night after all that blow we did.

Me either, I was counting Kleenex all night.
by Shuaman April 22, 2016
Asshole, butt, shitter, posterior
That guy's one of them, takes it in the deuce nozzle.
by Shuaman January 17, 2016
A person, usually a woman, who is excessively passive aggressive and controlling. A bit of a downer. Similar to kill joy.
What do you think of Roy's new girlfriend?

Pretty but a bit of joy clamp.

Coming out for a drink?
No, I've been joy clamped.
#kill joy #woman #debbie downer #bitch #fishwife
by Shuaman September 01, 2012
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