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When you hook up with a girl, sneak out after she falls asleep, and have a friend who is dressed fully in a suit (or tux) replace you. When she wakes up next the next morning the friend must look her in the eye, point at her, and say "You've been Trumped, bitch." His testicles may, or may not, be exposed at this point.
Joe Biden: "Been Trumping bitches since them schoolyard days. Where's my goddamn Nobel Peace Prize?"
by DJ Bryguy make them girls cry September 24, 2012
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Pretending to seriously consider something you have no intention of doing solely to generate publicity.
Donald Trump is talking about running for president in 2012, just like he did in 2000, 2004 and 2008? Man, he's really trumping.
by TheRuke April 27, 2011
When an individual with a limited supply of money drinks too much and begins to believe that he/she is Donald Trump. This results in often spending all the money they have or blowing through their savings account without realizing the consequences until sobriety.
"Josh went trumping in Chicago last weekend which is why his debit card was invalid at Hooters. How embarrassing!"
by Josh October 23, 2008

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