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14 definitions by Shiv

Best state in the country.
Michigan rules!
by Shiv December 23, 2003
1134 681
Cult of the Dead Cow or cDc. Creaters of 1337 and group of 31337 h4k3r5 who use Back Orifice
cDc h4x3d my b0x
by Shiv October 08, 2003
66 36
Program used by cDc to h4x0r pplz b0x3z
My box was bent over the table by Back Orifice
by Shiv October 08, 2003
29 18
an underground passage contructed from mud and timber allowing the rapid movement of troops from base to destination.

commenly used in C+c rushes for supplies.

NB: tunnel networks created within the first 10 minutes of gametime can have adverse affects on scottish team mates
logos: FFS MONTY!!! your tunnel network is pushing back my defences!!!

right, if youre going to waste my time, im going to waste yours. enjoy the vpn
by shiv March 24, 2005
8 2
The hoppin-est, most happenin hood in all the east coast
Yo, reppin the corner of MaCdill and Kennedy, west tampa fo like mu'fucka
by shiv June 01, 2004
11 14
To shit on ones tits
I gave a good titshit to Mathew last night.
by Shiv October 11, 2003
15 18
warri0r + whore = whorri0r

see definition of warri0r
see definition of whore
by shiv March 15, 2004
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